Speechless Never Again

What's it about?

Over the past thirty-five years, at my family's life cycle events, I have taken the opportunity to make a speech in order to focus light on the importance and poignancy of the event. My goals were to entertain, provide perspective, educate and inspire.

This book is a compilation of all that effort. In this book I share my best stories, best jokes and best thoughts.

Although my audience was usually family and friends, it is my hope that a less familiar audience would still be able to find the humor and enjoy hearing about how I chose to see and interpret life's golden moments. I have also included my thoughts on how to write and deliver a speech.

One of my book reviewers said that the book is about fun, family and faith.

I think it is about life, love, and the many beautiful experiences that did not go unnoticed.


Hardcover copies of the book are available in the office for $30.00 + S/H, so all you have to do is call 214-964-0888 for your copy.

To order an electronic copy click here

From our readers:



"Speechless Never Again, what a treasure, I am enjoying your book very much. What a beautiful and interesting life you have lived, and this comment is much more meaningful coming from a     92-year-old."

                                                                                                      Robert Fults



"I am enjoying your book, it is better than any novel, It's hard for me to put it down. You write so well"

                                                                                                      Janet Merrill


"Thanks again for taking on the herculean effort of blending talks and photos into a memorable history...I read every word, chuckled over the stories and marveled at the person revealed."

                                                                                                      Sam Zagoria


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